I have developed a range of classes that offer some of the best outdoor fitness training on the South Coast. Choose from Boxfit, Strength & Cardio Circuits and HIIT. The classes push you to train to the best of your abilities using functional body weight exercises and fitness equipment including: Battle ropes, sandbags, med balls, barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands and more.

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All classes last 45 minutes.

Boxing Gloves


Outdoor Aerobics


Body Builder


Recently, there has been a surge in popularity for Boxing Fitness, and there is a good reason for it! There’s no better way to develop strength, endurance, burn fat, bust stress and build confidence. Combining boxing moves with invigorating aerobic exercises to get a great all-over workout in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Circuit training is a great boredom buster. Perform a variety of exercises to improve muscular fitness and boost cardiovascular efficiency for a whole body, strength building workout that will boost your metabolism It also burns more calories than a typical weight workout. This fun format incorporates total body conditioning into multiple 'rounds' of exercise meant to challenge and excite you.

Take your fitness or exercise program to the next level! This class will combine cardiovascular and strength training exercises in an interval style workout that will increase muscular endurance, aerobic capacity and boost metabolism. Be ready to work hard, have fun, and sweat!
*This class will involve jumping; people with prior history of joint problems need to contact the instructor for clearance.*


Designed With You in Mind

Mondays & Thursdays at 9.15am
Saturdays at 9.30am
Buckingham Park - Shoreham by Sea (next to the basketball court)

BOXFIT - due to Covid-19 social distancing measures boxfit classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Improve strength, speed and coordination. Boxing drills and functional training  for a fun and intense workout.

Wednesdays at 9.00am

Saturdays at 9.30am
Buckingham Park - Shoreham by sea (next to the basketball court)


There’s no better way to develop cardio and strength than High Intensity Interval Training.

Meditation by the Sea

Strive For Progress Not Perfection