• Heitor Duarte

Risotto Primavera

Green risotto with wild rocket, asparagus, poached egg, tomato and olive salsa

This delicious green risotto is perfect for dinner on a spring evening. The salsa adds a wonderful clean and tangy flavour to this meal.

Serves 4

£1.70 per serving

336 calories

25 mins cooking


300g arborio rice

1.5lt hot veg stock

1 onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, chopped

2 celery sticks, diced

8 asparagus

40g wild rocket

200g frozen peas

4 eggs

2 tbsp chopped parsley

8 cherry tomatoes, quartered

8 kalamata olives, quartered

3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

salt & pepper


1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a wide, heavy based pan over a medium heat and fry onion, garlic and celery for 3 mins.

2. Add rice and mix well for 1 minute. Pour in 1/2 the stock and simmer until absorbed. Add remaining stock and cook for a further 6-8 mins. Stir rice occasionally (not continuously as this will brake the grains) and add peas and seasoning 5 mins before fully cooked. Remove from heat and wilt in a handful of rocket and 1 tbsp chopped parsley, save some rocket to decorate.

3. Meanwhile blanch the asparagus in boiling water for 3 mins. Remove asparagus and add the white wine vinegar to the boiling water and poach the eggs for 3 mins.

4. Make the salsa by mixing together in a bowl the cherry tomatoes, olives, 1 tbsp chopped parsley, 1 tbsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper.

Serve the risotto with the remaining rocket, soft poached egg & salsa.

Healthy risotto primavera

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